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Rose Art by Zarael Shaitan



NFRNL Incarnate Priest/ess, Minister & Mentor, Diviner, Supernatural Specialist, Spiritual Warfare Specialist, Master of Martial Arts Philosophy, Occult Author & Editor, Poet & Lyricist, Goth Industrial Composer & Recording Artist, Podcast Host, Graphic and Digital Artist, Desktop Publisher and Business College Graduate. Diplomas in Interior Design, Desktop Publishing & Design and Fitness & Nutrition. Several Certificates in Religious Studies. Creator. Iconoclast ...

But Not For Hire...  except for Mentorship and Consultations!


Mentorship or consultation with HP/S Zarael will be available for $66.60 CAD for up to 90 minutes maximum starting November 5, 2024, unless extenuating circumstances prevent it. Re-booking would be necessary if this occurs. HP/S Zarael suffers from extreme migraines. Thank you for your understanding.


Appointments may be scheduled ahead of time. Where to book will be posted here also. Be prepared with questions written down and stay on topic as the session ends after 90 minutes. Those already in Mentorship are not obligated to pay the fee. A Telegram account and PayPal are necessary. Consultations are via text only. Oracle sessions may eventually also be available.  If so, these will be unique readings.

NFRNL DAEMONIUM and The Draconian Order are LGBTQIA+, Zarael Themselves having been born female and having undergone transition to more masculine starting October 2010. (The album "Musick for The Empire" features Their voices before and after with recordings from 2010, 2012 and 2022.) This better reflects Who They are eternally (research Ishtar, Innana and Astaroth). So,  you can be yourself and know there is no prejudice when you book with Zarael.


Logo for NFNL Daemonium

INFRNL DAEMONIUM (Order)  includes The Draconian Order and the personal projects and philosophy of Zarael Shaitan under the sub-umbrella that is NFRNL PANDEMONIUM (Chaos).

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The medium is the message and form creates function. Every project is a chance to make a statement, to evoke a feeling, to communicate an idea, and hopefully to inspire. That's why I pay careful and deliberate attention to symbolism, Occult correspondences (when applicable), patterns and intention when creating anything. No project is too small for impact and every project is a work of art forged in the infernal fire within my heart.

Logo for NFNRL Pandemonium


Black and Gold Dragon by Zarael Shaitan

What is and what does a Conceptual Systems Matrix Architect & Creator do?  This job requires firstly coming up with an original (usually complex) concept for a new system or adapting a current system that does not work as well as it could.  Sometimes, it involves both, such as the system presented in Their book The Luciferian New World Order wherein an entirely new governmental system structure with many living parts is proposed. 


The Draconian Order is another conceptual system, in this case,. unity of Black Arts Practitioners is encouraged- especially theistic Satanists- and types of members are labelled.  NFRNL DAEMONIUM is as well, providing a means for separating The Draconian Order from Zarael's other works in case another organization eventually takes it on. 


In a nutshell, it is either building a foundation and possibly all of or most of the parts in an organized manner, but possibly assisting organizations that are inefficient or not well-organized. Others can then take not only an idea, but have most of the entire organizational structure already worked out. Zarael created the title out of necessity as there were no current titles to describe what They specialize in.

Sigil for Lilith the Younger

An Ancient God/dess

Preparing Children of Darkness for

The Return of The Gods

Star of Ishtar by Zarael Shaitan
Keys of Hecate/Hekate by Zarael Shaitan
Inverted Cross with Black Rose by Zarael Shaitan
Dark Feminine graphic by Zarael Shaitan


Golden Spider of The Spider Goddess by Zarael Shaitan



Theistic Luciferian Satanist

High Priestess to The Infernal Throne

Founder The Draconian Order, The Obsidian Temple Coven, The Obsidian Temple Tradition and House of The CrossRoads Angels
Infernal Goth Industrial Recording Artist:  The A
rt of ZAR
Host of Podcast:  The Voice of The Infernal Empire
Occult Author
Digital Artist & AI Collaborative Digital Artist


Publishing House (Registered in Canada):

The Draconian Order of Black Magi

A/V Production: Be a GOAT! Productions

Diana Trivia/ Ishtar by Zarael Shaitan


Eternal Infernal Titles: Personification of: The Infernal Empress/ Keeper of Keys/ "Queen of Heaven"/ "Whore Who Sits Upon Many Waters"/ "Whore Who Rides The Dragon", "Morning Star", "Evening Star", "Mother of The Gods"

Some Ancient Names: Lucifera, Ashtareth, Inanna-Ishtar, Lilith the Younger, Astarte, Sehkmet, Isis-Hathor, Astaroth

Other Manifestations: Hecate (especially Diana), Spider Goddesses

Confused With: Elder Sister Lamashtul/ Lilith and Elder Sister Erishkigal. The Burney Relief is Inanna-Ishtar -not Lilith, but because modern Satanists and devotees of My Sister think it is Her, it culturally is in this era and I'm cool with that- provided everyone understands this. You may use the imagery for either of Us.

Manifest Infernal High Magistrate: Seraph Hybrid/ Throne/ Dominion/ Territorial and Religious Principality/

Archangel - Archdaemon

Famous For: Death & Resurrection (human or divine), Descent into The Underworld (Incarnate or Ancient including the genuine NDE in 2002), Encouraging Sexual & Personal Liberation and Unity of Peoples, Justice, Unquenchable Blood-lust & Rage, Love & War, Gender Bending Others & Self, Astral Shape-shifting (humanoid or animal), Dream Walking, Connection with Spiders, Dogs, Stags, Owls and Big Cats (especially Black Jaguars and Lions)

Human Birth-name meaning: Diana~ Mary~ Light-bearer

Tropical Astrology: Solar Cancer, Virgo/Leo Ascendant, Taurus Moon, Mercury and Venus in Cancer

True Sidereal Astrology: Solar Gemini, Virgo/Leo Ascendent, Aries Moon

Chinese Astrology: Year of The Serpent/ Wood Snake

Mayan Astrology: JAGUAR [Youth: Death= Mistress of Transformation and Rebirth;  Adult: Jaguar= Shaman; Mature: Wind= Wisdom

Huma Life Path Number: 7

Entity Number: 256

Eternal Celestial: The Moon, Venus



Bringing Baby Goats into The Fold. Empowering and Guiding Dark Children. Encouraging Infernal Liberation via Apocalyptic Awakening. Preparing Infernal Leadership & Dark Children for the Return of The Dark Gods into Full Power & Rulership. Assisting The Other Dark Gods as a Dominion & Principality Incarnate. Commissioned by Infernal Ordinance. Sent by The Infernal Empire in Treaty & Cooperation with The Holy Empire for this Age of Black Light/ The Apocalypse.

Methods: Stealth & Surprise, Shock to Enlighten

No one saw Me coming & many can't see Me still.

Image: Diana-Trivia/ Ishtar
The Divine Art Project
2023 © Zarael Shaitan. All Rights Reserved.

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