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On this page, is The Art of ZAR, Musick for The Empire album player. The Art of ZAR is the music project of Zareal Shaitan, HP/S.  Industrial, Electronica, Goth, Ambiant.

Over the past several years, The Art of ZAR has remained on the Top 10 or Top 20 for Electronica artists on local charts of ReverbNation an often also for Industrial on NumberOneMusic..


Do help support this massive project by purchasing the mp3 zip file  package of the album and more via GumRoad.

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by HP/S Zarael Shaitan
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Musick for The Empire

Look for the exclusive zip pkg in HP Zar's Gumroad Digital Store . The PKG includes:


  • -  World Edition mp3s

  • -  Bonus Track "Behind the Musick for The Empire"

  • -  Easter Egg Track "Full Moon"

  • -  Wallpapers

  • -  Cover art

  • -  Back cover w/ track listing (minus Full Moon)

  • -  Exclusive PDF lyrics book. 


The album is streaming on major platforms.


Some tracks were recorded as Omega Freedom Base pre-transition in 2010 as one of  The  aspects as The Infernal Empress- that of The Shard of Zar's Infernal Elder Sister Erishkilgal/ Dark Goddess Lilith the Elder.

Golden Spider of The Spider Goddess
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