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Upcoming Grimoire of The Vessel & Details of the I.A.M. Series

Upcoming book:

Zarael was trained by agents of the Holy Empire to be a Prophet of Yahweh, but did an about-face after a clinical Near Death Experience in Spring of 2002, complete with a trip to the Infernal Underworld, discovery Their true body was composed of flame in the lower half (a sign of Lilith the Younger), a chat with the Council and a forced return to Earth Realm to complete a mission They weren't permitted to remember, but had to unlock nonetheless.

Although Their life had been rather unique until that day, the NDE changed everything as They sought answers when not trying to run away from the terrifying truth, only to be awakened in the night by an enraged Infernal Emperor shaking Their very heavy bed! Nothing is as it seems!

Volume 1 (Tome of Water): Grimoire of The Vessel of the Incarnates' and Avatars' Manual (I.A.M.) Series, is your guide to becoming and being both the Vessel and The Grimoire as an instrument of Walking Magick© as told by Entity 256: "The Weaver", Prophet of Ashtareth, the gender-bending Incarnate Ishtar, and official Avatar of Astaroth. Zarael is the Vessel of one and the same Entity, demonized thousands of years ago and by the Church, and sometimes a Vessel of others such as Lilith the Elder, Samael, Lucifer and Zazazel (formerly called Azazel).

Via the I.A.M. series, the Vessel HP/S Zarael provides simplified factual information as gleaned from study as well as Their own experiences over early part of life, then forty years of twists and turns in their own desert-like experience of wandering and developing. Grimoire of The Vessel is the ultimate primer for beginners first stepping onto the path of a spirit-led life or for those whom already function as Mediums and want to dive deeper in understanding their own state of being and what makes them tick.

Tome of Water, along with the rest of the series is, however, especially for those who suspect or already know they are Walk-Ins, Incarnate Deities, Avatars of Deities, or are an integral part of an Integrated Intertwining/ Braiding. The latter is a type of full-time Angelic or Daemonic possession by an Angel or Dark God/dess respectively, requiring complete trust of the Vessel in the Deity and a highly co-operative relationship and functioning, along with occasional complete and Perfect Possession if the Vessel is also an Avatar of a Deity.

Both prospective Light Workers and Demonolaters will find it accessible as it is neutral. It is also a prerequisite for navigating upcoming Volume 2 (Infernal only) and Volume 3 successfully, laying the necessary foundation. All five books of the series are meant to be read in sequential order, building upon that foundation as the reader sees fit, with Volumes 4 and 5 standing alone or in sequence.

Other Upcoming Books in the I.A.M. Series:

Volume 2 (Tome of Fire): Black Light Ascension is for those embarking on the Dark Path and embracing Darkness permanently, including a simplified adapted 'Sphere only' guide to the Qliphoth for those already working with the Dark Gods. Zarael challenges the reader to deeply examine every nook and cranny of their being, their morals and beliefs. As in most of the series, the supplement of Pacts With Father Satan is included as a bonus. Tome of Fire is not for the faint of heart or mind!

Volume 3 (Tome of Air): The Quantum Field Matrix tackles questions concerning what it is, what it isn't, Who created it, why it was created and how it works. Are we all just trapped souls on a "prison planet" under an evil Demiurge and Archons who enslave us or is it really something else entirely? Volume 3 encourages almost a complete break from polarized thinking concerning the Creators. Volume 4 continues Their story in more depth and provides an alternative religion of freedom to ponder.

Volume 4 (Tome of Earth): A Contemporary Theology of Satanism is a unique blend, a fusion and interbreeding between ancient Mythologies, modern scientific theories and theistic Luciferian Satanism with a sprinkled touch of modified ancient astronaut theory combined in a manner that makes logical sense to both spiritually minded and intellectual readers alike. Volume 4 includes the advanced stories of the Creator Race, proper and accurate syncretization of Deities from ancient cultures gleaned from personal gnosis and research, how to approach Them in the most beneficial manner for both parties, challenges to movements within Satanism that cause harm and are not inline with the Plan of The Infernal Empire, and a mini-guide for solitary Practitioners who feel called to Priesthood.

Who was and is Satan? What about Lucifer, Lilith, Astaroth and more? In Volume 4, HP/S Zarael challenges the reader to consider a fresh approach to the Enlightened Dark Path as a lifestyle in harmony with the Dark Gods as They are, while knowing on a more personal level who They were to Humankind 4-6,000 years ago.

Volume 5 (Tome of Aether, The Philosopher's Stone): I, Ishtar- The Making of an Avatar is a mini autobiography of the Avatar Zarael, written from the perspective of one dedicated to the path for forty-five years, full time for forty, against tremendous odds. Herein are the testimony and journal entries citing remarkable experiences unlike anything most who live ordinary human lives can imagine. Their Pilgrimage story is included.

HP/S Zarael tapped into Their own Akashic Records as gleaned over a period of twenty-two years and ever onward beyond Time. The I.A.M. Series is not an Academic treatise, but a primer in a new old religion, informed by Their ancient and personal familial relationships with some of the Dark Gods, channeled information from Their Higher Self prior, during and after Ascension; and via Samael, Lilith the Elder, Lucifer, Belial, Beelzebub and Zazazel.

Welcome to the first leg of your journey into being and expressing the most accurate representation of your most authentic and highest being- whomever and whatever your glorious Self truly is!

The Weaver is now sometimes expressed on Earth as The Voice of The Infernal Empire (podcaster), I, Ishtar, (Oracle) and The Art of ZAR (recording artist).

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