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The Return of The Dark Gods Part 1: Prerequisites

Some ways are of the holy Empire. Some ways are of the Infernal Empire, and some ways are of Elohim culture, regardless of which empire. Unless you understand these things, you are going to make mistakes. After all, if you were really doing things correctly all this time, wouldn’t the Dark Gods be in complete power on this planet right now? Think about it. Do you see temples to Satan, Belial, Lilith, Diana, etc., everywhere? Until you do, you've got a lot of work to do and it’s important you understand or you will fail, no matter how much you may love Father Satan and The Dark Mother, what it is you’re doing and how our hard you are working.


The Return of The Dark Gods to full power: What will it take?


PART 1: December 2nd=  Prerequisites

PART 2: December 16th= Sacrifice

PART 3: December 21st= The Elohim & Global Spiritual Warfare


11:11am Pacific Time


It took weeks to dial down the energy enough to even be as cool as I was for these episodes!


Do you have what it takes to empower the Dark Gods enough for complete takeover of the planet? Gate opening rituals are working, but too many things aren't and are actually making it more difficult. After 40 years of training for this specific time and tasks involved in assisting while here, actually dying and being resurrected, and a very long process of Awakening plus different types of Ascension, I'm holding nothing back. All three episodes in entirety - and in the correct order- are necessary. Tune! Retune! Stay tuned!

HP/S Zarael


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