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The Burney Relief Episode: Lilith, Lucifer, Beelzebub and Naamah

Youtube and Spotify at 11:11am Los Angeles time June 20th. Blessed Litha!

It is an integral part of my human aspect’s soul in service pact that as a reward for this vessel's service, I would come to accurately know the identities of the Dark Gods and those of the holy empire across the ancient cradle of civilization: Mesopotamia: Canaan, Akkadia, Sumer, Egypt, etc. as I build a contemporary theology in Satanism that takes into consideration modern science and both ancient history and mythology and connect with the Dark Gods to confirm.

Season 3, Episode 2, the second last episode of The Voice of The Infernal Empire podcast, covers The Burney Relief, aka "Queen of the Night" and Who it is and is not and why, Who Lilith is and was and is and was not and why, the true Ancient Name of the Goddess of the Underworld, as well as the Ancient Names of Lucifer, Naamah and Beelzebub, the latter besides Baal Zebul. The Names will be surprising to many! They are not what most think.

My version of The Descent of Inanna-Ishtar includes some commentary, but is not read aloud over the Youtube version- only on Spotify. On Youtube, text will run with some of my weirder music in the background.

Registered Members of The Draconian Order will learn the Names of the Guardian

Gods and the Daemons Who came forth to help Members in Part 2. In Part 3, there is more about the Gods and examples of using Ancient Names in enns.

The new Youtube channel will start October 30, 2024 @OracleOfTheAncients and a new podcast will replace this one at some point. @TheDraconianOrder on YouTube will remain for The Draconian Order. The next and final episode will be Yule and Saturnalia.

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That’s awesome. If you can’t read it, wait until the feed for this episode is on the website for audio only or use Spotify, Apple etc now.


I'm watching thé episode from my phone only yet i'm unable to watch it on a big screen which leaves me read the text cause it's small leters. As i'm waiting the books to keep the studying building up with thé draconian order.

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