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Dark Tarot & Oracle Cards: Recommendations & Comments

Updated: Mar 21

Some of these were previously listed in the Ritual Items post. I have all of these in my collection. I am not an Amazon Associate at the time of this post.

  • Earth & Bone Oracle: Honor the concepts of rebirth and transformation. These are excellent cards for your Ascension process designed by Sirian Shadow. Imagery is a bit harder to see as they were published

  • Shadow of Darkness Oracle. Also by Sirian Shadow. I highly recommend these cards for Shadow Work. They are a perfect companion to Dark Mirror Oracle.

  • Dark Mirror Oracle Cards. Great for Shadow Work and grief cycles. Edit: No holds barred commentary revealing where you are at on a deep level, including things you might not want to face.

  • Masusolea- Oracle of Souls. It's an oracle deck featuring Dark Gods but also El and even Abraham. The descriptiins are quite sterotypically negative concerning Dark Gods. Edit: It can ge helpful if you think you might be suffering under attack by white light angels and/or for delving into otherworldly soul types and missions and even possibly discovering Gods who want to work with you. Mausolea: Oracle of Souls

  • Deep, Dark & Dangerous. An oracle deck with lovely art and an excellent idea, but hard to read the book. The page background is a cool snake skin print, but I find it too dark and harder to read the text. The digital deck is better, but if interested: Deep Dark & Dangerous: The Oracle of the Beautiful Darkness (44 full-color cards and 128-page book)

  • Goetia- Tarot in Darkness. For advanced users and those with great eyesight. A Tarot deck. The cards are beautiful, but dark monochromatic. The guidebook shows a chart with correspondences in small font and there are no interpretation notes. Goetia: Tarot in Darkness

  • Diablo Tarot. A Tarot deck. These cards are Black Light oriented, but very physically large. They are beautiful in black with red foil. Based on the Diablo game, but impressive nonetheless. Diablo: The Sanctuary Tarot Deck and Guidebook Edit: After working with these with Samael who claimed these for work with me, I have to say they are awesome.

  • The Daemon Tarot Deck. Not a Tarot deck, despite the title, but an excellent oracle deck suitable for new users learning about the Goetic Daemons based upon the Infernal Dictionary. The Daemon Tarot Deck: The Forbidden Wisdom of the Infernal Dictionary (Modern Tarot Library)

  • Wildwood Tarot. Thse are not dark, but rather nature oriented. Especially good if you are very into Celtic mythos, nature, etc. A Tarot deck that uses non-traditional suits. The Wildwood Tarot Deck: Wherein Wisdom Resides (Modern Tarot Library)

  • Legacy of the Divine Tarot. More White Light oriented, but can be used if you don't care about White Light info. The art is quite beautiful and reminds me of Atlantis. I've had no problems communicating with Samael Luciferi with these. The Devil card is gorgeous for a change which is nice! Legacy of the Divine Tarot

  • Royo Dark Tarot. Dark and useful, but the imagery doesn't always reflect the interpretation. Tarot Deck. Nudity in the lovely art. Royo Dark Tarot

HP/S Zarael

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1 Comment

Mthd Morcn
Mthd Morcn
Feb 08

Mausolea looks pretty interesting! For sure my next oracle deck. Dark blessings

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