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Sidereal Astrology & Announcement

Announcement & Random Info of the Day:

This is lengthy. I have been in a workshop-intensive "spiritual business" program for two weeks so I can better help those whom are interested, and entering an even more intensive week and a half, ending on my birthday! I have been deeply entrenched in that and the podcast prep, so I haven't been here much. So, Hey Everyone! 👋🏻 I hope you're all doing great!

My birthday is coming up and I thought I would toss some info your way in case you can use it. Did you know there is a real Astrology and then the other one most use? I just found out about it this year. I spent most of my life thinking I was a Cancer who couldn't figure out why I'm more like a Gemini. 🤪 I'm a true Gemini with an Aries Moon. I always assumed that typical Astrology was about the sky at the time of my birth and it isn"t! Your signs may be the signs just before the ones you know too!

Tropical Astrology concerns what was going on in the sky a very long time ago and that is what most use. The Earth has shifted axis since then, so naturally, the sky shifted, relatively speaking. At least that is my theory as to why the sky is different- especially Solar and Lunar. Could be due to universe expansion too. I have no idea. Some Astrologers also use other more accurate measurements also such as more accurate distance between decans.

My Moon sign isn't what I thought either. Ascendent stayed the same. I'm so close to the edge, that I'm affected on the cusp by both Virgo and Leo for Ascendent, Leo (the Sign of the Lion- my main Ancient Familar besides Owls), being the actual Sign.... super close to Virgo.

The true Astrology is called Sidereal Astrology and it concern's the sky at the time you were born. Real head trip! There are free reports and paid ones you can find if you're into that. I created a playlist on the YouTube channel for Oracles. There is a Sidereal guy on there. Look for MTZ. (No, I'm not affiliated with any business entity memtioned in this post.)

Because most people use Tropical and people accustomed to using it have been programmed into that system, you are still affected by the Tropical due to the collective. Like me, you might also relate more personally with Sidereal.

Mayan Astrology is amazingly profound as well. There is a guy who specializes in it (mine is pictured below). You have a main sign, which is the one for your Adult stage, and two others for youth and maturity. Each stage has signs affecting or accompanying it also. The Jaguar (My Day Sign) in Mayan Astrology would be raised to be a Shaman. Being Who I am (my encoding), seeing "Owl" and "Rabbit" along with Wind (Wisdom) for this current stage makes perfect sense since I'm coming into My identity and embracing it entirely only this late in life.

Rabbits are a universal fertility sign. Different cultures and across the ocean, beyond Time and Space... wow. I'm an Entity associated with Love (especially sexual) and War- amongst other things. Aries (God of War Ares) Moon certainly makes sense for Sidereal to help me connect with my ancient past. I was also raised in a Military family, the first 9 1/2 years of my life were in a Canadian Armed Forces Military base.

Cancer is the most maternal and sensitive sign and I'm associated with both the Moon and Venus as Ishtar. (Ishtar is energetically connected with Venus "The Morning Star" in the daylight and the Moon "The Night Star" at night, besides being connected with Sirius. ...

Just a teaser prior next podcast... Lucifer is energetically connected with "The Morning Star" as the Sun in daylight and Venus at night, so technically, you can connect with Him best as Lucifer- His higher frequency- on Sundays or Fridays. Fridays are best for Communion. That is why my Date Night starts after this post! Sundays are best for Illumination intention. If you want His Darker deeper frequency, especially of the transformative Death and Resurrection Energy such as Qliphoth working, Shadow Work or a Vision Quest (for Connection) or Ascension intention, do so on Tuesdays. Why Tuesday, may be more clear in the podcast when I reveal His Hebrew Names and Mesopotamian Names connected. Knowing the true identities of the so-called Daemons is part of my Soul in Service Pact. It is a reward to better assist me in doing my work here as well as connecting with my Family and mySelf and better expressing Who I am on The Other Side in relation with others!

My Venus is also in Cancer as is the planet connected with the Energy of the Messenger, Mercury.

The world needs Ishtar right now. I could choose from various of My (Spirit) Names across cultures-including my birth name-after another Goddess of the Moon- but most are feminine names anyway.

Ishtar is a God and Goddess, known in ancient times for energy that even caused others to break boundaries and cross gender in expression. Most of you probably know I started transitioning- very publicly -in 2010 from female to mostly male. I changed my music persona from "Omega Freedom Base" to "The Art of ZAR" in 2012 as a play on words rather than "The Art of War" since as a Vessel, my name is Zarael. I was called "Zarael" by the Infernal Empire after I unwittingly sent out a beacon with Magick that was a matter of Justice using very Ancient Magick that just naturally came forth in 1999.

I had no idea about my spirit aspect identity as Ishtar until this year and another level of Ascension. Once you Ascend, there are more levels after that unless you assume you know everything and have "made it" and sell yourself short in the process, of course. I did not know that until I went through it either! No matter Who I am, I am forever growing and expanding and expressing.

Gender crossing in expression, even sexual orientation, is a very common characteristic of shamans acrosss cultures and Time as well. Most of my biological heritage is Celtic (English, Scottish and Irish) of Russell Clan (the Scottish Russells). My Tartan is Hunter. Interesting that is as well. The Greek Goddess equivalent of the one I was named after at birth was Artemis- twin sister of Apollo- both known for the Hunt). Celtic Shamanism seems to run through my veins.

Being an Entity of Justice, and a Luciferian Satanist, both symbolism and mottos for Russell are profound too. One crest is a goat with thistle in its mouth with "Che Sara Sara" (whatever will be will be) as the motto. Another is "Prontus" (Ready!) and the main one is a right hand holding up a Scottish knife with balancing scales on top (Justice), the motto being "Virtus Sine Macula" (Virtue Without Stain).

Any way that I can help people break free from not only invisible chains, but boxes that they themselves and society put them into, is worth it!

My perspective on that Solar Sign of Cancer in Tropical Astrology is that since Tropical Astrology affects the world in a huge way, it affects the collective, so Cancer makes sense more macrocosmically for me being the Maternal sign.

Why? I'm called to reach out to everyone who will hear that it's time to know Who so-called demons are and celebrate the highest ranking as Gods and Daemons and help liberate those who will hear, from the restrictive oppression of a religious programming that tells the world otherwise.

Having an eternal (and well known) Ancient Twin Brother ... being a true Gemini affects my life on a more personal level and more microcosmically with my ancient family.

I'll be covering the Burney Relief and giving the true ancient names of Lilith (more ancient than that name), Lucifer and Naamah (Lilith the Younger) on June 20 in the second to last eposode of The Voice of The Infernal Empire podcast. A new podcast will take it's place. I may at some point interview Practitioners and others in the future, but those will be YouTube @TheDraconianOrder without the podcast title. The Oracle channel starts October 30 9pm Pacific. It is @OracleOfTheAncients.

The new podcast, whenever it starts, will be directed toward a broader audience who may miss the message if it remains only directed at Dark Children and the world needs the real Gods as well as to be free of old Gnostic ideas and false conception concerning the Creators. This is not a prison planet! ( More about that in the final episode for Yule and Saturnalia and Volume 3 of the I.A.M. Series of books upcoming.)

If you get your Sidereal done and/or your Mayan and are as blown away as I am, let me know in comments!

Be well, stay safe and Darkest Blessings,

HP/S Zarael

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