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Sept 7 Special Presentation: Interview with AHP Druwydion Pendragon of Brotherhood of Satan




September 7, 2023 @ 11:11pm PST


In this special presentation of The Voice of The Infernal Empire, celebrating Marriage to the Beast/ Bride of The Beast September 7, 2023, HP Zarael Shaitan interviews Arch High Priest and Master Counselor Emeritus of Brotherhood of Satan, Druwydion Pendragon. What was going to be 11 Questions turned into over 13!


Topics include (not necessarily in order):


 * Generational Satanism and Brotherhood of Satan

* Who is Satan? Who is Lucifer?

* Witchcraft in Satanism

* The real #illuminati

Bloodlines Leadership qualities

* The importance of being serious and dedicated to Satanism and the path

* Life with real connection with Daemons when you believe

The Infernal Calendar Sacrifice

* Satan and Satanism in media

* Unity in Satanism

* Neo-Nazis in Satanism

Downloadable reading Material from BoS Upcoming books and festivals * What to expect at Sabbath Festivals

* Advice for New Luciferian Satanists

* Renunciation

* Diet in Satanism

* Drugs and Alcohol use in ritual

... and more!


This presentation is a little over 2 hours long and is the first part of two. Part 2 will be posted Mabon September 23 2023 11:11pm PST on The History & Nuances of Satanism & Witchcraft Brotherhood of Satan


YouTube 1: @brotherhoodofsatan666

National Office YouTube 2: @brotherhoodnationaloffice286


Reference to The Satanic Temple lawsuit against Netflix. Re: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and the Baphomet statue.

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