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S2- EP 13 The Elohim, Angelic Choirs, Daemonic Ranks & Global Spiritual Warfare

Ready for Yule 2023, 11:11am Pacific time, this episode is over 2 hrs long. It includes a review and more concerning Names, with something Samael wanted me to cover concerning His Names and what not to do. I cover Angelic Choirs and Daemonic Ranks with diagrams I created for the YouTube version concerning these and the effects manifestation as well as minimum ranks required for royal titles.

Both what occurs in spiritual warfare behind the scenes on a smaller scale and on a global scale, featuring the situation in the Middle East. I describe what Infernal Magistrates are as well as revealing publicly for the first time some of what I do behind the scenes and the training required to be a Magistrate in this realm and to function with authority on a global scale as a liminal being behind the scenes on a spiritual level.

It is recommened that you listen to the first two episodes of the series first, skipping nothng and in order. Links will not work until 11:11am Pacific December 21, 2023.

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