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Robes & Cloak for TOTC

Updated: Dec 10, 2023

High quality custom robes can be very expensive. So, I decided to check Amazon for basic robes that can be purchased on separate occasions and not as expensive if you don't need tailoring. It's important not to buy something that looks cheap and/or is not durable enough for frequent wear. Make sure to check the size guides on Amazon.

After testing these, I found them to be decent fabric. As mentioned in the Membership Guide, they are sold as Hallowe'en or cosplay costumes. The Inner robe and Outer robe are made by the same company, so the fabric is a perfect match. It's a poly blend uniform fabric and is quite hot if you sweat easily or in very hot humid climate. The inner and outer robes are supposed to be machine wash and dry. I still have to test that factor.

The product description on Amazon for the outer robe may be misleading. It is the hooded robe only.

The velvet cloak is quality velvet and fully lined. I recommend getting the ties cut with velcro added because the ties are terribly bulky and far too long. It's quite warm.

The velvet cloak is supposed to be hand wash or dry clean. I haven't tested this factor. Dry cleaning is not nentioned in the Amazon page, so I contacted the seller and they said dry clean is fine. It can be very costly, so shop around. I recommend the outer robe in warmer weather due to how heavy this cloak is..

No longer an Amazon Associate, if you buy anything using these links, I will NOT get a commission.

The photo with AI firey background is the inner robe (sold as monk robe) worn with the hooded cowl that comes with it and no belt. The black and white lomo photo with AI forest background is the inner robe with no cowl, but with the hooded velvet cloak.

See the Sacred Jewelry entry for Lucifer pendant. Please note that I switched out the chain. This is the same pendant, but I use a sterling silver chain. Always read product descriptions carefully on Amazon before ordering. Links below photos.

Our basic robe and cloak colour for all Members is plain black. For Priesthood, check the Membership Guide for information.


GOLDSTITCH Friar Medieval Hooded Monk Renaissance Priest Robe Costume Cosplay



Men TUNIC Robe Knight Fancy Cool Cosplay Costume




Aorme Halloween Hooded Cloaks Medieval Costumes Cosplay Wedding Capes Robe

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