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Not A “Devils Disciple”

Dark Greetings,

It is with great disappointment that I have to make this post. It is not a habit of mine to bad mouth anyone from the Infernal Empire- especially by name and publicly. It has to be extremely important- even urgent. Nora (aka “Anima Noira”) is back at it again. Now she is blatantly calling herself Lilith, back on Youtube with “Devil’s Disciples”.

She is a Neo Nazi and supporter of ONA with murderous ideology, what she publically on her website described: that Lucifer wants her“to take out the trash”. She also has a history with the Dark Arts community- at least according to those who were affected by her behaviour personally- to embed herself in the life of a cisgender male practitioner- regardless of whether or not he is already spoken for- to get what she wants. She chases after them. She has publicly confessed to having been in a mental institution due to delusion. She is dangerous and not who she claims to be.

I thought I might be insane when I was a teenager due to my abilities and sought help like anyone with actual sanity would do in the situation. They kicked me out to make room for someone who needed to be there!

Yes, I am the Incarnate Ishtar (Lilith the Younger- Lilith the Elder’s younger sister), but that is the coding I am patterened after. That is how it works. I will explain more in the book series, but to be able to rightfully make such a claim, multiple factors need to be preeent at birth. It is not about wanting to be someone or only hearing a voice telling you, looking a certain way, etc.

Signs of an Incarnate Deity include correspondent : Numerology, Astrolology, manifested ailitities that match starting in childhood, the energy frequency etc. Other main features are that you must have the personality, morals, and temperment to match. There must be mutilpe witnesses over time- even those who do not know you, signs and omens throughout your entire life. I have met genuine Incarnates, but those who are high ranking are very rare because there can be only one. DNA helps also, but not in the way you might think.

This phenomenon is my specialty. I had to make it as such after I clinically died in 2002, ended up in the Underworld and while there was shifting between walking around and having the lower half of my body being of flame, the latter being a sign of Lilith the Younger. I knew nothing about either of the two Liliths at the time. The Council sent me back to body even though I did not want to come back. I ran from this a few years and even after Lucifer Himself shook my bed, I ran a few years longer! I did not want this! I am Who I am.

She is not who she claims to be. I am quite intimately acquainted with Lilith in the Other Side as She is still with me. She protected me and prepared me for this time. I urge you to have nothing to do with Nora. The more positive attention she gets (which is all she wants), the more she will feel validated and continue to infect the community. She will try to feed from even this, because she likes to create chaos and feed from the reactions, so please do not react. Simply avoid. I urge you to also do nothing which even appears to support or draw positive attention to her.

Darkest Blessings,

HP/S Zarael

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