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Updated: Dec 10, 2023

New mini Witch board and essential oils collection and more. It’s time I start making my own Magickal blends using jojoba base, rather than purchasing stuff that has other peoples’ energies in them. Just need some proper Dragons blood resin. I also bought some dropper bottles as well as testing out a witchcraft starter kit that is surprisngly decent.

A decent altar bell and pendulum are recommended (the ones included are ok for absolute newbies, but quite rinky- dink), but it’s pretty good otherwise with: little jars of small crystal chips you can put on top of pillar candles or add to oils, some chime candles (not pictured), some pink salts & black salts (not pictured), regular size raw crystals, a decent mini correspondences book and newbie Book of Shadows, altar bowl and spoon (cheap, but ok and not pictured) decent sized packets of herbs, pendulum board, Elements -based Altar cloth, and some small parchments in a nice magnetic box! The kit was a little over $50 CAD. I’m impressed and it’s hard to impress me! Ave Satanas! If you're interested in any of this stuff, I'll post Canadian links in Recommendations. I'm no longer an Amazon Associate for lack of initial sales, but I'll post them anyway. Let me know by saying something in response to this post.

I'm behind and still working on the Divine Art Project. I'm almost done Lord Belial's portrait and then one more will be made before the pdf will be ready. I'm still working on the Ascension book and another podcast episode also. I was hoping that the episode would be available for Samhain, but it's taking longer. Thanks for your patience.

EDIT: Check ritual items post for oils, kit and board.

HP/S Zarael

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