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New Brand!

While on a working Sabbatical, I won't be on social media much, but Members of The Order and BoS can contact me, the former via the Spaces app and the latter via FB Messenger.

I will be working on book writing and product creation as well as overhauling The Order's store front version (shortly to be shut down temporarily, but links will be soon in The Order website) that includes links to everything but digital art itself.

Welcome new NFRNL DAEMONIUM, a brand concept I have been working on for some time. A new universal colour scheme and banner style is set as well. NFRNL DAEMONIUM includes a few sites and projects, such as the brand new RedBubble shop, NFRNL DESIGNS, that is strictly for The Divine Art Project on merch. The metallic looking (not actual metal) Sigils pictured in the examples below are the latest extension of the project.

The Rebubble shop is now open with three Sigils (Baphomet with Samael & Lilith, Lilith, and Ishtar), Diana Trivia/Ishtar and The Man in Black/ Satanas Luciferi being the first art pieces for tshirts and much more. I hope you will be pleasantly surprised!

I have overhauled The Infernal Shoppe (now THE NFRNL SHOPPE) featuring newly designed Sigil art pendants (silver plated zinc) and all-black mugs such as these. More Sigils will come! The Baphomet was made available as well as Lilith right away especially for theistic Satanists such as TOTC and BoS!

NFRNL TRANSCENDENT is all of my digital art, much which may be downloaded via DeviantArt which now shows the new banner design.

The Spotify playlist I created is now called NFRNL PLAYLIST in keeping with the new brand.

My personal site which links to everything is NFRNL PANDEMONIUM! It has a new url and a whole new look, being the first full site with the colour scheme. When ready, it will be linked in The Order's menu under NFRNL DAEMONIUM with all the rest.

Members of The Order and BoS are encouraged to let me know if there is a Sigil you want available on products and I will make a list. I need a metal sigil photo (may be of a pendant and must be perfectly flat and facing forward with no tilt) and the correspondences and colours associated with the Daemon.

This has been a huge project from my NFRNL heart and I hope you all love it! More is coming!

Darkest Blessings and Happy New Year!

HP/S Zarael

The Divine Art Project merch so far (except for black mugs and pendents) at NFRNL DESIGNS:

Black Sigil mugs and pendents are in the newly overhauled THE NFRNL SHOPPE:

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