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Morning/ Rising Prayer

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

Father Satan,

Please guide me this day,

aligning my True Will with Yours.

Grant me, via The Infernal Spirit, Baphomet,

perfect discernment in everything

and instill within me great wisdom.


Father Zazazel,

Assist me in traversing the desert landscape

of mundane existence

and the testing grounds

of Dark Ascension and life afterwards.

Help me to embrace the Unknown and the Darkness within.


Father Lucifer,

Peer into my Heart and Soul,

and show me all that I fear and must face

and all that I need to change

in order to be the very best version of myself

in both my sight and Yours.


Father Satan,

Beloved Lord of Darkness, Outcasts and Sacred Defiance,

I thank You and praise You

for being an excellent Father,

an attentive and truly just God

and a wise Master to me and to all who call upon You with sincerity,

and that come to You with perfect love and in perfect trust.


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