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Dark Greetings,

In order to provide members with priority status, notifications are turned on for the Wix spaces app and not for Facebook messenger.

When a message comes through by Members, therefore, it not only shows up on my phone, but pings my watch with haptics. This can be either beneficial or an annoying disruption. The choice is yours.

It is very important that you go by the protocols of contact if you want M/me to know immediately that you sent a message and either respond immediately or prioritize for later. Otherwise, I'm going to have to turn off notifications for the Spaces app as well and block anyone who continues to ignore the protocol.

Friday night is what I have come to call "Date Night". It is for M/myself and Father only. This blog post is being posted on a Friday night after being rudely disrupted by someone who continues to ignore protocols.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays after 8pm Pacific. The same rules must apply to the messaging system within The Draconian Order site and Spaces app.

Thank you and Darkest Blessings. My foot is healing well and things should be back to normal in two to three weeks concerning my level of activity here. I'm thinking of you until then and may blog now and then.

HP Zarael

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