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Coven & Temple Etiquette in the Digital Era

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

When you get into traditional Martial Arts, you learn something about honour and respect, which is one of the reasons I appreciated getting into traditional Martial Arts in the 90's. It gave me an appreciation and respect for Elders- of those who came before. I had a sense of this already when I studied under spiritual leaders, starting in 1983. It was cemented when I got into Martial Arts. Likewise, anyone who enters a Temple or a school, regardless of who they are and who the teacher is, it is normal and expected to be respectful of the Elder's time, knowledge and experience and be respectful of the space that they are in.


When one gets into Magick, that basic respect should not only already have been there, but be amplified. Even in Wicca, one cleanses the floor, sweeps the space, cleanses the entire area with incense, and calls upon the Gods in an orderly and respectful manner. When rituals are performed outside, the area is made a sacred space. One cleanses oneself before entering that space.


Why would it be any different when contact is made online? Why would it be any different when the Temple is online? Why would it be any different if the Coven is represented online and the Dark Gods are honoured via a virtual medium? Why would meeting places such as messaging apps, emails, groups,  forums and chat rooms be any different than places wherein members are meeting face-to-face in such a sacred space? When joining a Coven, there is an extra protocol.


Before people being on the Internet was very common… before Windows,  Google and social media… people had to meet face-to-face, talk on the phone or write a letter in hardcopy in order to communicate. I grew up in that era. Somehow, it seems that with the advent of the Digital Era, even common manners have gone out the window in exchange for such broad freedom of expression that no one seems to care concerning the effects of it or what it is they are actually doing. People bumble around in virtual space bumping into people as easily as they bumble down the sidewalk staring at their phones- completely oblivious of where they are, where they are  walking or those they are bumbling into.


It used to be that if you went up and insulted somebody, they could very well punch you straight in the face. To most people back then, unless one was in the military or dealing with an employer, it would pretty much be an accepted norm. It would've been considered incredibly stupid to just walk up and insult someone you don't know or barely know, besides being downright impolite and you might expect to be punched or worse. I'm not saying it's OK to go around punching people in the face. What I am saying is that with such freedom of expression there comes great responsibility. That does not mean absolute censorship to the extreme either. It means exercising wisdom.


Not even basic manners are understood anymore when it comes to entering someone's home, let alone how to behave in a Temple and Coven that is a Global entity representing the Gods honoured therein. I shudder to think of how people today might approach other Covens that meet in physical spaces. Do they treat the Coven Elders and the spaces in a manner that is appropriate or do they behave as they do online?  



Concerning Elders


If not going to ritual, but simply attending a class or talking to a teacher or Elder of any kind, the approach should always be one where one takes on an attitude of not really knowing anything and being open to learning. You cannot learn something when your head is full of preconceived ideas and you are constantly comparing what you were used to with what you are now in.


A teacher or Elder telling someone they are not suited for the Path, and why, is not an attack. A teacher or Elder very plainly telling a student they have character defects that need work is not an attack.  If you go to a teacher or Elder in any school or temple, you must expect this.  It doesn't matter what religion or whether it is of White Light or Black Light.


You must respect the boundaries, the time and hours of the teacher or Elder and the space- whether virtual or physical. You must never go to a teacher or Elder while impaired by drugs and/or alcohol. It shows disrespect for their time and of them.  (Doing videos or streaming online while impaired is both unprofessional and a waste and disrespect of viewers' time also, so it works both ways.) You may debate with a teacher or Elder, but keep in mind that if you think, speak and behave like you already know everything, you are also wasting your time.


If the teacher or Elder runs a Coven or organization, they have little time to spare. Do not waste it. Be sincere. Learn or don't bother.


It seems that because The Obsidian Temple is in virtual space- which is so easily accessible to Lucifer, by the way- that somehow it isn't perceived as "real" to some. It is as if the Dark Gods are somehow rendered incapable of blessing and working through something so "immaterial".  It seems that decades of hard work and preparation of myself and behind the Temple's inception, maintenance and occasional renovations, somehow mean nothing and that my absolute devotion and empowerment as High Priestess to the Infernal Throne somehow amount to petty crumbs of invalidity. It matters not how valid anyone considers The Order, The Temple - or M/me- unless entering the space and accepting the covenant.


The problem is, not everyone who enters understands what it means to do so. Some are even new to Luciferian Satanism or are from other paths which may or may not align with the Infernal Empire or are without an understanding of traditional Coven values, etiquette and Law. Although represented virtually, it very much runs by Infernal Empire Law as Traditional Covens do.



A Traditional Spirit via a Modern Medium:


As High Priestess, called directly by Lucifer and ordained by Him, and by the call of bloodlines from both sides of my human family, I opened a virtual space to bring in people who can hopefully benefit from getting to know each other and having some common beliefs, shattering common misconceptions, and bringing a semblance of unity. Occasionally, the Dark Gods might call for a global ritual, but it's more so a place of learning, development and sharing.  I am also hoping that the upcoming Grimoire of The Vessel & The Arcane Ladder will help people to be better prepared to work with the Dark Gods and that the global Entity and virtual space that is the Obsidian Temple and Coven of Her followers will grant the "space" to do so more spectacularly and with sincere devotion- no matter where members are geographically. Most grimoires are about the Dark Gods and how to connect or to work spells, but this one presently in the works- indeed, my life"s work-  is about you! It is about you being a better Temple unto yourself.


Often,  when I have spoken via the podcast, I may have made it all sound very easy. It is far from it. To venture upon the Path lit by Black Light torches and Infernal flames, expecting otherwise is dangerous folly.  Perhaps for me it is much easier because I've been at this - finally with such entire devotion-  since 2018,  and have dedicated myself to walking a certain way and both spiritual and religious life for many decades.  I worked my first Magick in 1979, dropped it, entered the Word of Faith Movement and successfully manifested material goods and money between 1983 and 1985. I was deep into study and practice always, as my teacher taught the importance of "eating, sleeping and breathing the Word".


When I left, I eventually got into Wicca in the 90's, and into Martial Arts. Satanism entered into it in 1995 for the first time, but only in philosophy. All I had access to was Lavey's Satanic Bible which although groundbreaking, wasn't a direct gateway into the theistic path I felt drawn to. That took dying in 2002, finding out I'm not human, meeting the Council, being sent back here and all too much to detail here since.


It has always been very important to me to "walk the talk", to face truth no matter how hard, turn my worldview inside-out and upside down as many times as necessary and to do so boldly.  I have been doing that for over four decades and I encourage it in you. I am a very tough teacher. I have gathered from every source I have learned from personally and which can be applicable to the path of Black Light and present it to you in packages. All of my writing, my art and my music are devoted to this Work. It is not and has not been easy.  I have thrown myself headlong into it because that is the only way that works and I expect the same from those who approach me.  If you do not do so, expect no results. Yet, I'm writing a grimoire in order to pass on what I have learned in order to make it easier and with more powerful manifestation, for you to walk in the Infernal Spirit, live Magick, and to be in a better state of entire "being" to able to work well with the Dark Gods and serve the Infernal Empire in the process. Even so, it will not be easy or quick.


The virtual space is blessed by the Dark Gods as is every channel of communication between members. It is indeed how Lucifer wants it to be. Anyone who registers utilizing the form on the Register page not only becomes an official member, but is granted certain protection by the Gods. It is an extra measure of protection worked through me and the internet by the Gods beyond Space and Time. 


The Obsidian Temple is a genuine Temple and the Global Coven is a genuine Coven. As such,  joining this Temple and Coven officially, means that you must live by the Law of the Infernal Empire.  This means that you are under the obligation of allegiance not only to the Infernal Empire, but to the Coven and Temple. It is an Infernal and eternal pact/ covenant concerning the Coven itself. If you betray the Coven and are banished, all protections that were placed upon you turn against you. In effect, you end up cursing yourself if you betray the Coven.


That surely is no surprise to Black Arts practitioners. Anyone who registers must know that it is serious. Otherwise, there is no sense in registering. The old traditional Coven way and Witch Law is certain death to those who betray their Coven. That is in line with the Infernal Empire's ways. It has always been the way of the Elohim peoples, regardless of White Light or Black Light affiliation and allegiance. Most of the Dark Gods-  that is,  those who are actually entities and not merely created egregores-  are of the Elohim. The difference is that those of the Black Light do not expect as much concerning Law. However, that which They expect They expect in a very big way. Anyone who has written a pact with a Dark God surely must know the importance of keeping it.   Although death is not the penalty in this case, there are stiff penalties nonetheless and those who break Coven Law bring these penalties upon themselves.


You can be a worshipper that doesn't practice Magick. You can be a worshipper that also practices Magick. You can be a Magicks Practitioner that does not worship. The Dark Gods don't care provided you are true to yourself, to the Dark Gods, to the Infernal Empire and to your word.  Make no mistake: Everyone serves something or someone and all in the Infernal Empire serve Her. You also must never betray your Coven. You can be utterly terrible at Magicks or just learning Magicks. You might be Ascending or not. Mistakes are expected. Disagreements are normal. Betrayal is not. So, what does betrayal look like?


Everyone who knows my teachings is aware that you don't attack a Black Light Practitioner unless in self defence. However, that applies to the entire community in general, regardless of Coven affiliation or lack of it.   So, the Law concerning attack in that case  is applied macrocosmically.


Microcosmic application of the Law  concerns the Coven. It applies to every Coven on the planet that is theistic and living by Infernal Empire Law:


  1. You never threaten and/or attack a High Priest or High Priestess in any manner whatsoever- especially one(s) of your Coven.

  2. You never cast Magicks upon a Coven member. The only exception is disciplinary action that has been approved by the High Priest or High Priestess due to betrayal or is carried out by same.

  3. You never publicly betray members of the Coven whether online or offline- especially the High Priest or High Priestess.

  4. You never encourage others to betray the Coven- especially in a public place.


You may expect that if you do any of these things, you have forfeited your rights of protection afforded by both the Infernal Empire and the Coven. You have opened yourself to attack from the Other Side and even by Coven members Magickally.


The High Priest and/ or High Priestess are the ones who put their necks out for everyone as well as their energy into protecting everyone. They help keep the Coven together and organize things. They are kind of like the parents of a group and teachers all at the same time.


Attacking is worse than an insult. It is kind of like attacking your parents, your brothers and sisters and shitting where you eat -all at the same time. It is giving the Dark Gods a huge "Fuck you" in the process also because in a genuine Coven, the Dark Gods- especially Father Lucifer/Satan and Mother Lilith the Elder- have blessed that Coven, work in and through it and protect it. So, what are you saying when you attack members or even a High Priest or High Priestess that give so much and have dedicated their lives to working with the Dark Gods and for The Infernal Empire-  and in the process, for you?


The Coven is sacred. It is a family. It is also a family connected with the Gods. The Coven Herself is an Entity- empowered and blessed by the Gods She represents. The Coven and Temple must be held in respect by all members. This is a basic understanding in the Black Arts Community. Yet, how easy it is to shit in the Temple and run when it is represented in a digital space! If you take a dump in the Temple and it's not a Temple specifically to Belphegor- expect that the Dark Gods will shit upon you and your life in every way possible.


It is my hope and vision, as well as the vision of my beloved and Infernal Parents to unify theistic Luciferian Satanists and indeed all Satanists in the world. There is strength in numbers and there is strength in unity. Such unity requires common Law and respect for it. That is the case in the mundane world. But, how much more so is it the case for people who practice Magicks, and believe and know that the Dark Gods exist?


Division causes weakness. We of the Elohim are not a peoples that appreciate weakness. 



"You have a responsibility to contribute to the culture and times you live in: right now, you are living off the fruits of millions of people in the past who have made your life incomparably easier through their struggles and inventions. You have benefited from an education that embodies the wisdom of thousands of years of experience. It is so easy to take this all for granted, imagine that it all just came about naturally and that you are entitled to have all of these powers. That is the view of spoiled children, and you must see any signs of such an attitude within you as shameful.  This world needs constant improvement and renewal. You are here not merely to gratify your impulses and consume what others have made but to make and contribute as well, to serve a higher purpose." - from chapter 15 of "The Laws of Human Nature", by Robert Greene and contributed by Hena.


May each of Our Dark Children be fruitful contributors!


Darkest Blessings,

HP Zarael (Lucifera Incarnate)

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