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Dark Greetings,

Time of the day does not matter anymore as to when you leave me messages on Facebook messenger. I have removed it from my "do not disturb" exceptions. I simply will not respond to messages unless it is a Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday evening.

Also, never reach out to me while under the influence of drugs or alcohol and expect a conversation- regardless of what night it is. Inebriated conversations are useless and a waste of time. The only people who appreciate them are individuals who are inebriated at the time.

If Hena has any instructions for you concerning contact, they may be added to this post as an Edit.

Edit by Hena: Feel free to contact me whenever with any questions.

My discord username is Hena#7897

Or find me in the Members' Hall of this website.

Thank you, HP Zarael, for allowing me to assist the Infernal Empire in such a way. - Hena

Darkest Blessings,

HP Zarael

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