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Beginners Course Master List: 13 wks

Neophyte Tuesdays will no longer be offered. Please check the next newsletter. Please do pace yourself.

Here is the Master List for at least 13 weeks of basics found on YouTube. These are my personal recommendations and I'm in no way sponsored. Channels I recommend may be found on my YouTube. It will be updated by the end of the weekend. Channel recommendations do not imply that I agree with everything they say. Do use discernment!:

I also recommend the following books for beginners:

The Satanic Bible by Anton Lavey

Sanctum of Shadows by Aleister Nacht

The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish

A Pictoral History of Magic and the Supernatural by Bessy


WK 1

Witchcraft and Shamanism (Arith Harger)


Acquiring Magical Power (Arith Harger)


WK 2

The Deep Meaning of the Triple Goddess Symbol (Symbol Sage)


Diana- The Goddess of the Pagans (Arith Harger)


WK 3

Cernunnos- Horned God of the Wild (Mythology Unleashed):


Altered States of Consciousness in Magick ||

Why Brain Wave States Matter For Spells & Ritual (Ivy the Occultist)


Energy Manipulation 101: Quick Guide to Centering, Grounding, & Directing Your Energy (Ivy the Occultist)  When grounding, send negative or too much energy you don't want into the Earth first before drawing Energy up. 


WK 4

HOW TO CAST A SPELL: Successfully Cast Any Type of Spell With This Routine (Ivy the Occultist)


A Full Course in Candle Magick: (Ivy the Occultist)



WK 5

The Druids- History, Philosophy, Religion (Fortress of Lugh):


Satanic Spell Crafting Part 1 (BoS)


Satanic Spell Crafting Part 2 (BoS)


WK 6

History & Practice of the Satanic Mass Part 1 (BoS):


History & Practice of the Satanic Mass Part 2 (BoS):


Complete Guide To Sigils: 4 Ways To Make Sigils + Planetary Grids || How To Charge & Activate Sigils (Ivy the Occultist)



WK 7

The Brotherhood of Satan Ancient Witchcraft vs Wicca Part 1 (BoS):


The Brotherhood of Satan Ancient Witchcraft vs Wicca Part 2 (BoS):


How to do Offerings (Teala Petrova)


Offering of Time to Satan and Lucifer (Black Witch Coven)


WK 8


Hex Signs and Their Usages (MC Druwydion Pendragon- BoS N.O.)



Planetary Magick 101 Part 1 (Ivy the Occultist):



Planetary Magick 101 Part 2 (Ivy the Occultist):


WK 9

Marked Witches and Their Keys (Arith Harger)


Witch & Devil Marks (MC Druwydion Pendragon- BNO)


Brotherhood of Satan Satanic Witchcraft in Theory and Practice (BNO):


WK 10

The True Sign of the Horns, The Cornu and the Evil Eye (BNO)



Is the Black Sun a Pagan Symbol? (Arith Harger)


WK 11

Talismans in Animisn (Arith Harger):


How To Create Amulets and Talismans || Charms vs. Amulets vs. Talismans || FULL Ritual Demonstration (Ivy the Occultist)


WK 12

Walking the Left Hand Path with the Dark Gods (Ancient Divine Flames)


Interacting with The Demons (BNO)




WK 13


Hecate: The Ancient Origins of the Goddess of Witchcraft (Lady of the Library)


Elements and Elementals (BoS AHP Wicked):


Mirror Magick from the Brotherhood Perspective (BNO)



The logo is my new logo for NFRL DAEMONIUM. All Rights Reserved.


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13weeks. Very nice number.

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Mthd Morcn
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