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Arc of 9: Daemonic Destiny Spread for Infernal Incarnates

Updated: Sep 18, 2023

The Arc of 9 was designed by me because I became quite frustrated with not getting the answers I was looking for. I hope it helps others also! Please keep in mind that this is for entertainment purposes only.

Arc of 9:  Your Daemonic Destiny (A Spread for Infernal Incarnates)

Decks Required:

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This is an advanced method of card reading utilizing four different decks. Make sure to place them and read them in the order in the diagram. First, pull the appropriate Court card as described below for the first position. Then, rather than focussing on the question while shuffling, because there are so many decks, until you are familiar with which deck is used for each position, simply think of your Daemonic destiny in general.  Shuffle each deck separately and place them in the four separate piles. You'll pull the top card.

If you haven't use the Mausolea before, beware that this deck has White Light energy attached to it. That was my first experience with it, anyway. to fix this problem , spread them out face down and wash them like you would mah-jong tiles. That does not mean use water. It means to swish them around mixing them around willy-nilly. Shuffle the cards and then knock on them 13 times to knock out White Light influence. Concentrate on knocking out that energy while doing so. Then, bless them infusing them with Black Light.

  1. Querent: (Dark Tarot)  Pick a Court Card from that suits you best, reflecting your most dominant Element and most stable characteristics throughout this incarnation thus far.

  2. Distant Past:  (Mausolea Oracle) This card reflects the life most distant past incarnation affecting your current destiny. It will make you (help you Ascend and succeed) or break you  (cause you to fall to ruin, be the cause to recycle you).

  3. Eternal Challenge: (Dark Mirror Oracle) This card reflects the problem which resurfaces every time you come to this Realm or any other but Home.

  4. Eternal Solution: (Dark Mirror Oracle) This card reflects what you must challenge now in order to best overcome the problem revealed in Card #3.

  5. Eternal Goal: (Mausolea Oracle) This card reflects Who and What you came here to be as a Soul Personality. This may reflect Who you are as an Incarnate or what personality traits that match Who or What you are. It also reflects why you are here now.

  6. Adversary: (Mausolea Oracle) This card reflects any possible potentially deadly Enemy from El's White Light Empire or a friendly Opponent from the Infernal Empire you arranged with before this Incarnation in order to keep you on your toes.

  7. Guardian or Guiding Daemon: (Daemon Tarot) This card reflects your assistance from the Infernal Empire in your Ascension and Life Goal as an Incarnate. This may or may not be your main Guardian. S/He may be someone you have been unaware of, but is waiting for you to connect with Them.

  8. Infernal Advice: (Dark Tarot) This card reflects some further Devil's Food Cake to ponder to help you in your journey right now.

  9. Outcome: (Dark Tarot & Mausolea Oracle) This has two cards. Dark Tarot reflects circumstances or other outcomes in Earth Realm mundanity. Mausolea of Souls reflects Who and What you will become if you continue on your current trajectory.

  10. Bonus: (Daemon Tarot) if you have a bad outcome from one or both of the cards pulled in pile 9, ask the Daemon Whose card you pulled for Card #7 for advice to avoid the outcome. You might also want to play "tag" if They are cool with it. If you need further clarity, you can ask the Daemon Whose card you just pulled to refer you to another Daemon with a card to give you further clarity and so on. If you do so, always be respectful of the Daemons and thank Them for Their assistance.

Darkest Blessings,

HPS Zarael

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