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Book Cover for Vampires: Facts vs Fiction by Zarael Shaitan


A great way to support HP Zarael's work is via buying Their art, books, art and music and via donation!


The article that helped inspire the "Underworld" movie makers in their documentary "Vampires: Fangs vs Fiction" is now expanded and available in mini-book format as a PDF!  It was written and edited for nearly two decades by the Founder of House of The CrossRoads Angels,  HP Zarael (formerly "Lady Lily", per-transition).  HP Zarael is inter-gendered and gender fluid, predominantly masculine on this side of the Veil, but predominantly feminine on the Other Side in Their Home Universe of The Infernal Empire. 


In the 2nd Edition:

  • Updated Cover, Author information and Introduction

  • A chapter concerning "Incarnates", a term Zar coined early in the new millennium and warning concerning charlatans selling fake Incarnate readings.

  • The interview with a dentist concerning options for permanent fangs and info on other things people do with their teeth and some caution concerning mouth piercings.


It is available for free download for Members of The Obsidian Temple Library of The Draconian Order of Black Magi or for purchase for $3.33 CAD via The Infernal Shoppe's Gumroad!

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