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Welcome to The Obsidian Temple Library!


The Library itself is accessed via the Library door once logged in. Log in and then use the door by clicking on the Dragon. 

A document containing a Legend of Folders has been added.  Look for The Temple Library Navigation doc in the library.

All Registered Members of The Order and Library Patrons, enter (log in) and exit (log out) via The Temple Portal below (renamed for clarity).


By joining and accessing the Obsidian Temple Library and logging in, you are acknowledging and in agreement that you are 18 Years of Age or the Local Age of Majority (whichever is greater) and that you alone are responsible for what you choose to download, view, listen to, read and be in possession of and for your behaviours. You also acknowledge and understand that neither the Order or website owner or website host are responsible or liable for your health, well-being or behaviour.  Although not illegal in North America, neither all materials- nor their authors and/or sources-  accessible on this site are approved of or vouched for by The Order and involvement in subject matters or sources are not endorsed or encouraged., even those found in "TEMPLE NECESSITIES"  Materials are accessible for educational and research purposes only.  If you are easily offended by any subject matters, do not sign up. Illegal behaviours are not condoned or encouraged.

You must register as a Member of the website, which is actually a Library Membership; Order Membership is not necessary. Library Membership is not Order Membership. Please be patient for manual processes for access.. A few Library materials are accessible only by Priesthood, but most is accessible to any Library Member. You will also Log in using the Log In Button below. The Chat room is no longer open to the public-only Members.


NAVIGATION:  You will find main folders and folders within them. Number of items indicated does not necessarily reflect the number of documents, but may represent folders with many more documents within them. If you cannot find what you are looking for in one folder, look around elsewhere.  Some items may be found under AUTHORS regardless of subject matter if written  by or about Crowley, Dee,


Enjoy Yourself & Be Infernally Blessed!

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Gold decorative flourish
The Obsidian Temple Library
Obsidian Temple Library Door
Dragon Door Knocker for Library Entry
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