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Membership & Registration

T D O   &  T O T C 




Please note that necessary changes are now in effect concerning both TDO and TOTC due to unforeseeable circumstances and the need to make The Order more open still. The Membership Guide is therefore under revision and is no longer available here.  Please read the levels below. They are much more simplified. The url will be changed by the end of February and an email and blog post will be posted with details. The name has changed to The Draconian Order.


While TDO is open to most practitioners (except neo-Nazis and their supporters), TOTC is for only those who accept The Obsidian Tempe Tradition which is under revision.  Feel free to join as a theistic Satanist at this time and register as TOTC later when better informed or under another category. TOTC does not and will not have a physically meeting coven. It is for personal observance only, although you may join the Spaces app after registering here and communicate with others. I do not usually interact in  groups within the app but will do limited messaging. I was hoping to have a local coven in Canada, but it is no longer an option.

Discord is no longer available and I do not communicate via FB Messenger from FB page. There is enough info in this page and the upcoming revised manual (for TOTC info). In other words, registering is for your heart and soul only and is a way to state that this is what you are about and official registration has blessings attached, provided you don't betray The Order. Whether or not you choose to use the chat room or groups to organize rituals is up to you. Priesthood training is no longer offered.


Those interested in a formal training in Satanism are encouraged to apply to join our friends Brotherhood of Satan. You may go to BoS directly if absolutely certain you want to join them after reading and understanding their website HERE. Feel free to contact MC Druwydion Pendragon via Brotherhood of Satan for info on Satanism, of course. He is very experienced and knowledgeable and loves to help new Satanists who have questions!. Just be patient and he will respond. They also have two YouTube channels with a lot of great info on Satanism.



There are vetted videos and playlists of other channels' materials as well as recommended  channels. Check out the Order's YouTube for lots of educational material via the playlists. 13 weeks of basics are now in a single blog entry HERE.  It's recommended that you don't skip ahead. It is important to me that those new to all of this have a place to start and start to build a decent foundation. Products such as useful Oracle decks and Tarot, ritual items etc via are listed in he Blog. You will no doubt find them elsewhere. At some point, I will be recording a video on a new channel concerning  decks.


If you are new to all of this, do not attempt contact with any of the Dark Gods but Father Satan or call upon Lucifer. Do not attempt contact while under the influence of recreational drugs and/or alcohol. I recommend that you get to know Him and The Dark Mother for at least 6 months before opening to other Dark Gods and Daemons so you are familiar with Their Energies first. Do not open yourself to multiple Dark Gods or Daemons.



B E   P A C T E D!  If you aren't and want to know how, Pacts with Father Satan is available for $0.99 CAD in my Gumroad shop HERE.


Membership in The Order is only available via the registration format the bottom of this page. If you register using the form at the bottom of this page you still need to sign up to the site and Library to use site features. Go to the Members' Hall tab and to the Library Portal page for simultaneous Library and site registration. To sign in any time afterward, go to Library Portal. Joining the app is separate also. App membership or library membership are not membership in The Order. The Neophyte prayer form is for prayer only.





0- Friends of The Order: Outsiders who may or may not be Satanists. They are supporters of Members. 


1- Extended Family: They are Satanists and Luciferian whom are Atheists, such as Atheists within The Satanic Church, The Satanic Temple, some Luciferian Churches and organizations such as (Ford's) Assembly of Light Bearers, etc. Father Satan loves them too! 


1.5- Neophyte: This is for those who are new to Satanism and/or Luciferianism, but want to be Members, receive the Blessing and take part in accessing the site. They are newly dedicating themselves to learning and growing in the Path on a basic level without major Magick Rituals. Those coming back after a time away, may do this also. Neophytes who were involved in Christianity (or other White Light Abrahamic religions) must privately renounce and reject everything from that path including Baptisms, Confirmations, Angelic protection and contact, etc. and the false gods associated with them, as well as trashing and/or desecrating items such as crosses, crucifixes, catholic rosaries, etc. You cannot move forward on this Path Lit by Black Light, or in Ascension until you are truly ready and understand what you have committed to and the Path.. This is not a path for hypocrisy. 


2- General Members of The Order: These are Members who do the same work as Covens on the Other Side in breaking down the Veil. They may or may not be Registered via the website, but are Members, nonetheless.  They are not necessarily Satanists.


2.5- Family Priesthood: This is a special category Father Satan requested. Although not Theists, these Atheists are Priesthood within Orders or Temples such as Church of Satan or The Satanic Temple, etc. 


3- House Member (House of The CrossRoads Angels):  Vampires whom are full Incarnates or Shards of a Dark Daemon or God/dess. They either joined when the House started in the early 2000's (when I was going by "Lady Lily") or they want to be counted as a Member. These are dedicated to Mother Lilith and protected by Her as the Mother of Vampires. Those interested must register using the same form.

4- Theistic Luciferian/Satanist: Theistic Luciferian and/or Theistic Satanist in other Orders and Covens such as BoS. Does not necessarily agree with the mission and/or values of TOTC.

5. TOTC: Theistic Luciferians and/or Theistic Satanists who believe in our mission and values. You might also be a member of another Order or Coven such as BoS. TOTC is not a Middle Pillar/ No Hand Path Current. TOTC is Black Light only. No Archangel contact, etc.  Unity in Black Light is impossible otherwise. Pick a side. Be Allegiant.  You may register with The Order if you are a Ceremonial Magickian or Thelemite, but if you want to join the new TOTC, calling Archangels for any reason must be forsaken.  Wait for the revised edition of the Membership Guide which is focused on The Obsidian Temple Tradition. When ready, it will b announced via the FB page and the blog here.


6.66- Elder: Theistic Priesthood devoted to Father Satan and/or The Dark Mother.  Should have at least a decade of experience and practice in Satanism or Luciferianism and/or Vampirism within it.


Concerning LVL 3: House of The CrossRoads Angels 


You might have been a Member of House of The CrossRoads Angels early in the new millennium. If so, know that you are not forsaken! House of The CrossRoads Angels is an eternal Real Vampire House specifically for Incarnate Dark Elohim of Black Light. It was founded by me for Patron Mother Lilith the Elder in proxy as I have at times been my Sister's Avatar besides being Inanna-Ishtar/ Astarte/ Astoroth Incarnate. Some were even Sealed with Lilith's Seal by Us both. It was later known as International House of the Darkly Veil. 


The House, regardless of name, offers eternal protection to those Vampires who are loyal to Lilith the Elder who is Queen of Vampires and Mother of Daemons in general.  You will need to perform the Ritual With Anubis. It will be in the revised Membership Guide. In the early 2000's, I was in direct contact with each prospective member and Anubis would simple send Guards. Now, it is an independent process, freeing me up. ~ Zarael





There are no fees for membership itself at this time. However, Mentorship or Consultation is available for $66.60 CAD  per session starting November 5, 2024. Mentorship or Consultation will be available (via HP/S Zarael's Telegram only) for theistic Satanists who filled out the registration form below and joined the app. Reach out via the Spaces app requesting it. Booking method will be posted in the upcoming updated NFRNL DAEMONUM (will have a new url also).. A session is maximum of 90 minutes, so make sure you write down any questions beforehand and stay on topic.


As aforementioned, the fee is only for newcomers not already being Mentored at the time of this edit. Mentorship was free, but there were individuals who would waste my time, not being serious, or even attempt to attack me via contact methods. I do not have time for that.  If you want to help support any of my work ,check NFRNL DAEMONIUM for info. There is infernal digital art, music, and merch as well as ebooks. Hardcopy books will be released for some titles in the future.




If a member with a simple question, contact via the app,. The Contact form has been removed due to abuse of it. Contact must be concerning matters of Membership if I don't know you and you are not Registered. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays after 7pm Pacific only after March 12, 2024.

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