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Welcome to Our Temple Without Walls

Be Infernally Blessed

The time has come to prepare ourselves for the return of the Dark Gods and prepare this World of Manifestation and Limitation to let go the Veils that separate Humankind from Them. This is part of The Obsidian Temple Tradition.

Registered Members and Library Patrons, enter via The Obsidian Temple Library Door in the Members' Hall.

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The Draconian Order is a global platform and framework for the sole purpose of unifying Black Arts Practitioners, especially theistic Satanists and Vampires., but also atheists. The Patrons are Father Satanas Luciferi and The Dark Mother Lilith the Eder. The Draconian Order is part of NFRNL DAEMONIUM.


NFRNL PANDEMONIUM is under the same umbrella, but separate, featuring the personal works of Zarael Shaitan, including The Voice of The Infernal Empire podcast, The Art of ZAR music, Occult books, The Divine Art Project, etc.

The Founder and Director, Zarael Shaitan, feels responsible to tend to and represent The Draconian Order on Earth side after an NDE in 2002, having both discovered more about His/ Her True Self and form and having met The Obsidian Council on The Other Side. They sent Zarael back here to perform the tasks S/He was Incarnated to do decades ago.

HP?S  Zarael is also devoted to the privilege of creating both artistic and educational works specifically for The Dark Children here on Earth. Realm. If others enjoy them too, that is also a blessing! Check NFRNL DAEMONIUM


Consultations will be available starting on November 5, 2024 for a fee.



Darkest Blessings!

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